Monday, 15 November 2010


I have made a start on designing my xmas wish list so that Santa can get an early start- it's pretty rough, but includes the main items of lust. Really LOVE the Alexander Wang and See by Chloe bags. Pleeeeeeeease Santa- think I have been rather good!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Parisian Presents

1. Chanel Pearls
2. Vintage Satchel from a shop in Le Marais, Paris
3. Rabbit in a hat necklace
4. J. D'Ormant scarf, found in a flea market in Paris
5. SEE by Chloe Purse
6. Vintage Jacket from a flea market in Paris
7. Vintage Chanel hanger a man gave me for FREE
8. Shearling Jacket- River Island
9. MUSE magazine
10 & 11. Vintage plaited belt
14. Jade ring

Just a few of my many lovely birthday presents. This year was the BIG 2-1 and I was given a lot of beautiful things by extremely generous friends and family. Paris was lovely- We spent most of our time looking for vintage markets and shops all over the city. Eventually after a few misses we stumbled upon some gold mines. A shop near the Islands, and a flea market outside the centre of Paris. I couldn't believe how cheap all the amazing vintage clothes and accessories were- once I'd located the shops it was easy to find great bargains. 
It's probably quite evident that I seem to be into black and gold at the minute- I think I can get away with it in autumn/winter, but I don't know if the obsession will pass in time for spring!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Because You Never Know When...

How good is this advert?! I'd never seen it before today but just thought it was awesome. Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" makes what would usually be a sexed up Lynx advert, seem really cute and cheeky. Loves it. That's All.