Tuesday, 24 August 2010

batch 2.0 diana f+

my sister Jess in the architecturally amazing pool in Kep, Cambodia
Rain in the centre of Saigon
Treetop pool resort, Kep, Cambodia
View of Saigon/ Independence Palace
View from a houseboat of Mekong Delta River
My sister hoarding objects on the beach
Angkor Watt Temples/ Me in a restaurant (?)
Mobile garden on the Mekong Delta
Crab fishing
motorbike/ tuk-tuk

Picked up my Diana prints from Vietnam & Cambodia today- here are some of my faves from the trip. Once again it was a complete surprise to see how the photos turned out as I tend to carelessly but excitedly snap away at anything I think looks interesting. I realised that my favourite prints seem to be the ones with people in them, whether or not they're double exposed (blatantly my favourite effect ha) or unintentionally quirky. I'm just worried that when I get back to England the sunlight won't be strong enough to take lomographic (think that's a word?) photos...?


Paul Smith Swimwear & 3D glasses
Plastic Jewel thing found on the floor in Cambodia
Abayah clad women in Morocco
Rings from a Cambodia market & Drip Mat
Keep up and blog on Drink Mat from Geronimo's restaurant in Heathrow Airport
Best.Card.Ever. Elton John and David Furnish from Lazy Oaf shop in Carnaby Street, London

Just some of my favourite things I acquired on my travels this summer. I always collect printed things that I like and keep them for forever. You never know when they come in handy! I use the stuff I pick up in my graphics work, and I'm pretty sure these ones are going to feature in my summer project in some way. The Elton and David card has made my life.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Mad Hatters

Bershka A/W 2010
Abbey Lee Kershaw for Moussy A/W 2010
Wildfox A/W 2010
Wearing a Turban from Satwa Fabric shops in Dubai. ha. Shoot for my sister

I get so excited when Autumn comes around, it's my favourite time of year- freshers week at uni, my birthday, halloween, and a slight drop in temperature. Autumn means layering and accessories. I'm not a huuuuge accessories girl (I wish I was but I always forget to wear jewellery) but recently I have seen loads of quirky hats around that i lurrrve. I definitely want a furry deerstalker for winter. Above are a few of the hats I have fallen for, I'm especially feeling the Bershka Statue of Liberty one. 

Also how beautiful is the turban my sister picked up for virtually nothing in Dubai for a shoot she had to do..!?

Sunday, 22 August 2010

dream hanging

Sequinned Crop Top- Miss Selfridge
Silk Dress/ Tunic- H&M
Glasses- RayBan

Just simply some recentish purchases that i love. I found my crop top in a sale hiding between some elephant sized jeans and a scarf and instantly fell for it. I wore it loads on holiday with a white vest underneath and either hot pants and sandals or leggings and heels- easily transforming from day to night my friends.
The silk dress is from H&M and again I was immediately attracted to it- I think it would look awesome layered for winter, and since when worn on its own it's totally see-through, it would be perfect for cold days.
Most recently I picked up the RayBans in Dubai, their tortoise-shell/leopard print is quite quirky and cool...

Friday, 20 August 2010

Style Crush: Whitney Port

Ah Whitney, how I love her. Maybe it's because I've been watching "The City" Season 1 dvd a lot, but recently I seem to be slightly obsessed with Whitney Port. Her style is always appropriate for whatever she's doing or wherever she is whilst still looking cool and unique. I thought she was alright in "The Hills" but since moving from LA to NY her style has evolved from beachy California girl to laidback but trendy and tailored New Yorker. 
Whilst a lot of stars are papped looking awful, I prefer Whitney's day to day ensembles rather than her ultra groomed, red carpet looks (although she still looks great). She has a great eye for prints and when I bought a wrap dress the other day it reminded me so much of her style- look out for the dress in the next few posts!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Burberry Shearling Aviator Jacket

I have been obsessed with this jacket since the burberry a/w '10 collection was unveiled. Now they're all over the high street from Topshop to Matalan. I assume there is a ridiculously long waiting list (never mind pricing issues) that will mean I shall never obtain my beloved jacket so I'm relying on the high street to produce some worthy imitations. So far Topshop have my vote with a similar looking aviator jacket that is priced at around £325. Not that this obsession means I have forgotten about my other ongoing pursuit for the perfect fur coat. Stay tuned.   

images- www.net-a-porter.com