Friday, 20 August 2010

Style Crush: Whitney Port

Ah Whitney, how I love her. Maybe it's because I've been watching "The City" Season 1 dvd a lot, but recently I seem to be slightly obsessed with Whitney Port. Her style is always appropriate for whatever she's doing or wherever she is whilst still looking cool and unique. I thought she was alright in "The Hills" but since moving from LA to NY her style has evolved from beachy California girl to laidback but trendy and tailored New Yorker. 
Whilst a lot of stars are papped looking awful, I prefer Whitney's day to day ensembles rather than her ultra groomed, red carpet looks (although she still looks great). She has a great eye for prints and when I bought a wrap dress the other day it reminded me so much of her style- look out for the dress in the next few posts!


  1. Whitney Port is defo a style crush!
    yeahh i prefer the 1st ones too :)
    and my clogs are from New Look - only £20! :)

  2. she always looks amazing! i'm lusting after her selection of beautiful shorts and prints! xxx


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