Sunday, 21 February 2010

Designer Tattoos

As I mentioned in an earlier post, some pieces from
Marchesa's Fall 2010 collection reminded me of the temporary Chanel tattoos. As we all know, trends come and go as the seasons change, so temporary tattoos are a great way to express a fleeting fashion. Personally, I adored the tatts as soon as I saw them; they're perfect for people like me who could never decide on what kind of tattoo to get. I don't trust myself not to change my mind and tastes!

The lower down the leg the tattoo, the more chic; this trend could easily take on a tacky turn and your leg could end up looking like Cheryl Cole's (I think we have all seen her nasty barbed wire tattoo). My favourites are the chain link tattoos and I love the Chanel pendant hanging from the strand. Beautiful yet edgy.

Remember These?

FORTUNE TELLERS! I made quite a few of these bad boys for my graphics "dialogue" project. As I blogged about previously, I decided to choose dialogue from Alice in Wonderland. The dialogue had to be presented without any kind of imagery, so I thought the format of a fortune teller would prove an appropriate substitute for the lack of image!
I thought of using this format because the dialogue I chose from Alice in Wonderland was absolute nonsense; this allowed me to potentially go crazy and present something ridiculous. Although I may not have gone completely OTT with this idea, I think the fortune teller reflects the nonsense of the dialogue through its quirky folds, and shape. Also it's quite difficult to read the dialogue, and you have to play the fortune teller game in order to reveal the quotes accurately. I wanted the viewer to have to interact with the piece in a silly, playful way; i think that this format allows for that to happen!

Lace & Fur

Casual Wear for a night out at the Pub in Manchester. When my friends and I go out in Fallowfield in Manchester we are
ALWAYS in debate over what to wear; an in between of smart and casual is essential. The ideal look would be slightly too overdressed for daytime but too under dressed for a night of clubbing. I like to think I have accomplished this look; faux fur too keep warm as it IS still winter, a casual netted black dress with a loose black vest layered over, and bright orange sandals to give the look some attitude. I wore my hair up in a messy bun to give the look a laid back, not trying too hard feel, with a slick of nude lipstick x

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Marchesa Love

I am absolutely in love with Marchesa's Fall 2010 Collection. Romantic details are prevalent; frills, ribbons and especially chiffon! The collection combines two of my favourite trends of the moment, Mini-dresses and delicate details. The first, embellished dress gives the illusion of a tattoo, it reminds me of the Chanel temporary tattoos, which i am really lusting after.

I would say my favourite piece would be the second dress; the ethereal texture in conjunction with the ribboned belt works perfectly, I can envision Diane Kruger in this dress on the red carpet. Saying this, I still absolutely adore the Third dress, the stars are so delicate and perfectly placed and the skirt half of the dress is like an inky dream, so lively yet still structured; perfection!!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Joggers Minus the Gym?

I feel like I need to blog about this because it's been playing on my mind for months now; Joggers as trousers?? I am ALL for this trend, I especially think the Country Roads joggers (first image) look the perfect inbetween of slouchy and fitted. To pull this look off and avoid looking like your regular chav-walking-down-the-highstreet heels are a definite must.
One other issue that stands to be contended is whether or not joggers are evening wear appropriate? Combined with the right evening jacket,smoky eyes, and a bangin' pair of heels, it could definitely work! The whole look should exude effortlessness and cool rather than over styled hair and make-up.

Monday, 15 February 2010

The Obsession Continues...

Alice in Wonderland creeps into my work again as a new project involving dialogue starts. The aim is to display a dialogue (taken from anywhere of your choice) in a creative, original, yet appropriate manner. The story of Alice in Wonderland, is as most people know, filled with utter nonsense, yet still exudes a sort of darkness, so I'm going to keep this constantly in mind. I have just included some test shots of some brainstorm ideas for the next project. Visuals always help massively at the start of a project. This is playing around with ideas quickly to try create something from nothing and allow a mass output of potential paths and options.

The end product will be around soon...

Controversial Evolution Project

I made this little book for a graphics project that was titled "Controversial Evolution". The aim was to create anything that communicated the title. I chose the process of getting dressed for a cross-dresser. Conveying the idea in this cutsie, Julian Opie-like way made the book seem even more controversial as it looks as if it should be for children!

Friday, 5 February 2010

A Typographic Dilemma

These are the options for my final print out of a typography project. The brief was called "Text as Image" and the point was to evoke an appropriate visual response to whichever quote you wanted. Mine is "Death is one moment, Life is so many of them" by Tennessee Williams.

My idea was to accentuate the idea of the numerous moments we have in life opposed to the one moment of death. I constructed a mountain/cliff like structure out of the word "life" and the word "death" placed on top is synonymous to a person looking over the cliff, a dangerous act associated with death.

I think the quote is a very positive one and instructs you to live life to the fullest and not to fear death, however out of all the colour tests i tried my tutors like the red/black/white combination. This combo also reminds me so much of a cover of the Economist which Drake has took inspiration from for his new album cover:

Not sure which to choose!!

Cross dressing is going to be SO HOT in 2010!

Anna, Sammy & of course myself modelling (or should i say enforcing) this oh so bold & chic trend

Romance is Not Dead

More flowery headdresses and romantic whites in Vogue Nippon! This is actually a bridal shoot but when you concentrate on the shots without the obvious bridal train and long gown, Anna Rubik evokes a sense of childlike innocence.

Even though it is a new season I am definitely still feeling romantacism; light ballet dancer pinks, whites, lace and coral! Quite appropriate for fast approaching Valentine's day x

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Ski Bunny

So here's some photies from skiing in Val Thorens a few weeks ago, i brought along 3 different jackets and 2 pairs of salopettes, needless to say i had the biggest suitcase, oops!

The only consistent feature of my outfit was my pink headband

1.Myself and Sam, light pink jacket and white pants
2.Group Shot, I am central wearing a white furry jacket and black pants
3.James, Alice, Kate & I, light blue jacket and white pants

Lara Vincent Headdress

I am
obsessed with Lara Vincent flowery headdresses that I saw Rumi Neely wearing on her blog. They're 75-300 dollars to custom order, I think I'll figure out the amount in pounds and just go for it! I would like a black one like Rumi's or maybe a white one... black will probably look better with blondish hair. Want, want, want!

Oh and how cute are her "littles"?! I am TERRIFIED of sharks, but the combination of the gold and the light pink ribbon somehow makes it look cute!

1.Rumi wearing her Lara Vincent headdress
2.Lara Vincent's "Bite Me" Range
3.Shark "Little"

Basquiat Inspired Fashion

Looking at a photo shoot from February's Interview with Sasha Pivovarova, I LOVE it, so quirky and yet simple and childlike. I would say the stylist was definitely inspired by Jean Michel Basquiat, one of my favourite artists.

Blog beginnings

This is my first ever blog so i am not too sure about the protocol involved, so i'm going to wing it!

It started snowing again yesterday, definitely just cause to wear my burberry trench coat! I have an almost identical one to Alexa Chung, but i am lusting over a new season suede coat with ruffled sleeves, beautiful