Sunday, 21 February 2010

Remember These?

FORTUNE TELLERS! I made quite a few of these bad boys for my graphics "dialogue" project. As I blogged about previously, I decided to choose dialogue from Alice in Wonderland. The dialogue had to be presented without any kind of imagery, so I thought the format of a fortune teller would prove an appropriate substitute for the lack of image!
I thought of using this format because the dialogue I chose from Alice in Wonderland was absolute nonsense; this allowed me to potentially go crazy and present something ridiculous. Although I may not have gone completely OTT with this idea, I think the fortune teller reflects the nonsense of the dialogue through its quirky folds, and shape. Also it's quite difficult to read the dialogue, and you have to play the fortune teller game in order to reveal the quotes accurately. I wanted the viewer to have to interact with the piece in a silly, playful way; i think that this format allows for that to happen!

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