Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Jersey Shore

With Mr. Monkey

Jersey denim-look jacket- Forever 21
Vest- Bershka

I arrived back home to the sunny shores of Dubai after completing all my university work- i.e SUMMER has begun! I find it really easy to waste time and now am a master at relaxing and doing nothing, so for the first few days of the holidays I have been to the cinema (Prince of Persia), watched DVDs from our massive collection of newish releases (A Single Man, Shutter Island, Fantastic Mr Fox) and been shopping with my lovely Mama. I picked up this cute little jersey, denim-look jacket from Forever 21 it was on sale, cheap as chips- a very handy item to own, especially for summer in the UK when the weather is SO unpredictable.

A Single Man

Nicholas Hoult for Tom Ford Eyewear

I had been meaning to watch fashion designer (and now director) Tom Ford's film "A Single Man" for quite sometime, but like it had taken over all aspects of my life, a university deadline prevented me from doing so. I finally managed to start watching the film on a plane from Amsterdam to Dubai, although by this point I was exhausted and didn't intend to pay too much attention. However, 5 minutes into the film I was enthralled, yes the story was a good one but I was captivated with the stunning visual qualities of the film! It was just instantly apparent that a designer, an artist, had been majorly involved with the camerawork, story boarding and just overall visual presentation.  

The costumes, set design, and tone of film were absolute perfection and typically Tom Ford. Set in 1962, George (Colin Firth) is an English man living in Los Angeles 18 months after the death of his partner, Jim. George's costumes throughout the film consist of sharp suits and thick framed glasses (both Tom Ford), and like his wardrobe, his house is neat and classic yet leans towards the retro style of the 60's. 

"A Single Man" features a diverse range of film styles, highlighted most when George has flashbacks to his life before Jim's death. There are scenes removed of colour, scenes filmed in sepia and scenes where the camera lens has been noticeably softened- all to evoke appropriate emotions and responses for each scene. As a designer I really enjoy the visual aspects of film making and found "A Single Man" a joy to watch purely because of this.

Nicholas Hoult, Tony from "Skins" as most people know him, played quite a key role in the film. Tom Ford obviously sees something in him as he is also featured in the Tom Ford eyewear campaign for 2010. I think he has quite a special and intriguing look to him that translates well to camera and film. I always find myself trying to decide whether he is hot or not?! He has, naturally, quite a timeless look and a fresh, boy-like beauty- perfect for his character in this film.

Monday, 3 May 2010

pledge wedge

The Wedges in "Taupe"

"The Wedges in Black"


I had lusted after these Topshop Addison Wedges for soooooooooo long, but for some reason I found myself waiting for the right moment to buy them. I remember thinking they seemed unattainable and impractical, yet whenever I saw them in shops, magazines and the internet a wave of desire always hit me, and hit me hard. I decided to visit Topshop just to have a sneaky try on, I thought a small taster would satisfy my salacious appetite for the shoes. It didn't. I went back to Topshop a week later to try the shoes on again, this time however, the only ones in my size were the taupe coloured wedges. I wanted black. The sales assistant informed me that the black ones were sold out everywhere, and there was only one pair of taupe wedges left in my size! The notion that I had so carefully analysed and debated these shoes for nothing was unbearable. The fear that the Addison Wedges would be forever unattainable when I finally knew I wanted them made me think 'what ze heck, you only live once!'. And that's when these beautiful shoes came into my possession.

Originally I was a bit miffed that there was no black ones left, and I wasn't sure whether or not I'd return the taupe ones before a month. However, after giving the shoes a test run I love the way that they appear to change colour, that they're a bit unusual, and that they can easily assume a focal point of an entire outfit. It truly is luuuurrrrrrrrve!