Tuesday, 24 August 2010

batch 2.0 diana f+

my sister Jess in the architecturally amazing pool in Kep, Cambodia
Rain in the centre of Saigon
Treetop pool resort, Kep, Cambodia
View of Saigon/ Independence Palace
View from a houseboat of Mekong Delta River
My sister hoarding objects on the beach
Angkor Watt Temples/ Me in a restaurant (?)
Mobile garden on the Mekong Delta
Crab fishing
motorbike/ tuk-tuk

Picked up my Diana prints from Vietnam & Cambodia today- here are some of my faves from the trip. Once again it was a complete surprise to see how the photos turned out as I tend to carelessly but excitedly snap away at anything I think looks interesting. I realised that my favourite prints seem to be the ones with people in them, whether or not they're double exposed (blatantly my favourite effect ha) or unintentionally quirky. I'm just worried that when I get back to England the sunlight won't be strong enough to take lomographic (think that's a word?) photos...?


  1. Wow, I love the quality of these pictures. They are stunning.
    Lots of love Christina xox

  2. love the effect . you can feel the 'life' in them


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