Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Burberry Shearling Aviator Jacket
I have been obsessed with this jacket since the burberry a/w '10 collection was unveiled. Now they're all over the high street from Topshop to Matalan. I assume there is a ridiculously long waiting list (never mind pricing issues) that will mean I shall never obtain my beloved jacket so I'm relying on the high street to produce some worthy imitations. So far Topshop have my vote with a similar looking aviator jacket that is priced at around £325. Not that this obsession means I have forgotten about my other ongoing pursuit for the perfect fur coat. Stay tuned.   


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  1. Hi Emma, I'm selling it on ebay with a starting bid of $3800.00 w/ 5 days left on auction. Look up Burberry Prorsum Shearling Jacket, you can also feel free to email me at Thanks!


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