Saturday, 6 November 2010

Parisian Presents

1. Chanel Pearls
2. Vintage Satchel from a shop in Le Marais, Paris
3. Rabbit in a hat necklace
4. J. D'Ormant scarf, found in a flea market in Paris
5. SEE by Chloe Purse
6. Vintage Jacket from a flea market in Paris
7. Vintage Chanel hanger a man gave me for FREE
8. Shearling Jacket- River Island
9. MUSE magazine
10 & 11. Vintage plaited belt
14. Jade ring

Just a few of my many lovely birthday presents. This year was the BIG 2-1 and I was given a lot of beautiful things by extremely generous friends and family. Paris was lovely- We spent most of our time looking for vintage markets and shops all over the city. Eventually after a few misses we stumbled upon some gold mines. A shop near the Islands, and a flea market outside the centre of Paris. I couldn't believe how cheap all the amazing vintage clothes and accessories were- once I'd located the shops it was easy to find great bargains. 
It's probably quite evident that I seem to be into black and gold at the minute- I think I can get away with it in autumn/winter, but I don't know if the obsession will pass in time for spring!

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  1. Belated happy birthday! :) WOW that is quite a stash of pressies you lucky thing! You'll have to visit a Paris travel guide for vintage, it's always good to read up on haunts abroad jazzy ♥


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