Monday, 7 February 2011

unlikely coalition

This is just one of a series of outcomes for a week long group brief to promote an unlikely coalition. The week was crazy intense as we had to try develop a strong idea conceptually, visually and physically! We used the filter of an event to promote an unlikely coalition; a one time only music festival that would involve musicians of contrasting genres coming together to perform on the same tracks. For example taylor swift and daft punk! We managed to think of some pretty weird and wonderful collaborations, cliff richard and slipknot was a personal favourite of mine. We were inspired by musical mash ups (thank you Glee) and named the event 'verses' a musical play on words of 'versus'- musicians are kind of pitted against each other.
So this device to promote the event is essentially a stack of posters wherein half of the poster can be torn away to reveal posters underneath. This results in a mash up of musician's names reflecting the mash up of the festival performances! Some of the mash ups were pretty funny, I definitely enjoyed 'daft spears'.

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