Saturday, 19 March 2011

1936 Olympics Book

rings v shackles
athletics symbol or swastika?
jesse owens

death march hidden by athlete olympic march

Berlin olympic stadium/auschwitz

ANOTHER graphics project, i know, but this is what I've been doing with all my time! For this project we had to pick a subject and an audience out of a hat which proved for some inneresting combinations! I picked "1936 Summer Olympics" as my subject and "businessman" as my targeted audience. SO I decided to try and sell the olympics to a businessman by highlighting positive things about it but leaving elements of the reality of what actually happened (The beginnings of the Nazi regime in Europe). It's always hard when you've got to design for a subject that is sensitive and still has certain taboos (Nazis/holacaust) but hopefully I haven't offended anyone!!


  1. This is really interesting! I especially like (well, not 'like', but you know what I mean) the athletics 'symbol'.. jazzy ♥

  2. hello love the blog you have a new follower in me! i hope you can find some time to check out mine!



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