Monday, 5 July 2010

ASOS 100th birthday collection Polaroids

Lady Gaga & Terry Richardson from

Polaroid Scarves by Philippe Roucou

Freshers week at Uni Sept 08

Polaroid of development stages of an idea I had for a t-shirt

I'm obsessed with Polaroids at the moment but film is waaaaaaay too expensive! I am going to buy a new Holga/Diana because I left my other one in storage as well as a digital SLR and a disposable, maybe an underwater camera too for when I get home!! I love seeing the different effects created by each camera, but polaroids are my favourite. I think it's because I like the feel of creating a real image instantly- as a person interested in graphic design image making is so exciting. The physicality of design is hugely important so this medium of photography really appeals to me. Also polaroids are printed in an immediate layout, another love of a graphic designer! <3 <3 <3

Bring back mass polaroid film production or alternatively someone buy me some polaroids!!!

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