Saturday, 8 January 2011

bargain hunt

So it seems I was good in 2010 as Santa brought me a Nikon SLR D3100 for Christmas. I'm super happy as now I can finally take really high quality photos for my blog. However now I don't have any excuses for slacking off and not posting for long bouts of time (yikes)! So look forward to lots of blogging in 2011. For my first post of the New Year I know I should have blogged about my wonderful Christmas gifts and holiday fun, but I am just too excited about today's bargain buy!
My mum, sister and I participated in a car boot sale at Safa Park in Dubai, pretty prestigious in terms of Dubai sales. Amidst the hectic selling at our own stall I managed to sneak off for a little look around and amazingly found this little gem, a vintage YSL mini rucksack. I found it quite late on in the day so was sure that the reason it hadn't been sold yet was because it was outrageously priced, but to my absolute delight it was priced at 10 dhs (equivalent of £2)!! I didn't even bother haggling, just grabbed it and ran. So yeah, although still in disbelief I am pretty psyched.

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