Thursday, 18 March 2010

Queen of Hearts

These photos are about a month old now but I just found them again and was thinking of wearing my heart tights tomorrow so thought I'd put them up :) Just a casual look that I would wear to uni or for shopping, usually accompanied by either my mulberry satchel or chanel shoulder bag. It was still snowing when these were taken, so now I think it's time to brighten up the wardrobe, especially as I am going home to Dubai in 4 days!

1. My favourite necklace of the moment- Miss Selfridge
2. Heart tights and brogues
3. Ensemble avec French Connection coat :)

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  1. Im kind a jelous of your heart tights...just yesterday before drowning myself with 13 vodka cranberries I went to AA to by myself these tights...and the only one they had left were the white and pink hearts!

    all to say I wish i had your tights.


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