Thursday, 15 April 2010

new bracelets

1. Light Blue Louis Vuitton Bracelet
2. LV Bracelet again
3. LV Single Width Transparent Bracelet 
4. LV Double Width Navy Bracelet
5. Forever 21 Bracelet
6. Closeup of F21 Chain Print
7. Bebe Bracelet

I didn't go out intentionally looking for new bracelets but found these 2 bad boys on a whim whilst shopping for a vacuum cleaner. I'd seen the Bebe bracelet in Grazia magazine and really liked it, so when I saw a similar one in Forever 21 I snapped it up immediately, for about a fifth of the price! It's funny, I only just realised the bracelets are very similar in terms of they both have gold placed inside them! I was quite mesemerised by the gold LV logo and flowers inside of the Louis Vuitton bracelet, and after a 10 minute think I decided I'd go for it and get that bracelet too. :) 

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