Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Futuristic Prints

My Balenciaga top

Balenciaga 2007

My Balenciaga again

Rodarte S/S 2010

Versace S/S 2010

Kate Moss, Annabelle Neilson & Naomi Campbell all in Alexander McQueen

I loooove my Balenciaga from a 2007 collection and recently I have dug it out of my wardrobe and am wearing it all the time. I was very drawn to the print when I orignally saw it a few years ago, but I think it's taken time for the world to embrace the tribal/futuristic print and now my Balenciaga is bang on trend! The McQueen A/W 2009 collection featuring jewel like prints was huuuuuge, and since then tribal/futuristic print have just emerged and developed as more and more designers have embraced them and injected them into their lines over and over. I am going to be wearing my Balenciaga all summer with sunnies, shorts and wedges. 


  1. Gorgeous top you've got! I love that yellow VAersace piece. AND those amazing shoes!! x

  2. your top is gorgeous and does indeed match with all your futuristic pictures from Balenciaga and McQueen!

  3. Gorgeous! Love the tribal trend.

  4. I adore the prints! Especially when they clash slightly, that's always brave. Haha I loved your comments, "thrown together but v cool," that's me! No real thought to the getting-dressed-activity :) I can tell you that most markets tend to vary what day, weekdays tend to be more grocery/necessity trading but weekends are the best bet! I LOVE Portobello! It's the sort of place I never buy anything from, but really covet all of the beautiful antiques. Hope you're having a great Sunday,

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  5. I just love the prints! It's always refreshing to pull out old favorites and have them work just perfectly. You look great in the pics too :) These prints are particularily great to see right now as the floral madness is getting to be a bit tired..



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