Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Wimbledon beginnings

View of the Grounds- I'm at Court 1 (The big circular one furthest away)

Boris Becker's favourite sunnies- Wimbledon by Rodenstock

Swanky case

Classic towel that I shall almost certainly be picking up! The same design the players use during Wimbledon

Links of London Strawberry Sweetie Bracelet made especially for Wimbledon

Roger Federer look fabulous in 2008

Equally as fabo in 2009

I love love love sports (I'm writing this whilst watching Uruguay and S.A play footie- Uruguay just scored a blinder!) so I'm loving the buzz in England surrounding the World Cup at the minute. However, my true allegiance is to Wimbledon- I watch the tennis Championships every year no matter where I am and have always wanted to go. To satisfy this need to eat strawberries and cream, drink Pimms/champagne whilst watching Nadal or Federer bang a ball between white lines on grass, I applied to work there during the tournament.
Luckily for me I got the job and yesterday I found myself wondering around the heart of the London Tube trying to work out if I should be at Kensington Olympia, West Kensington, South Kensington or High Street Kensington. Turns out I was actually supposed to be at Earl's Court...

After eventually finding my way to the Wimbledon Tennis Club I was immediately thrown into a full day's training. I discovered that I am working in the Court 1 shop area, specialising in the sunglasses section (pretty happy with that pick of the hat). Learning about the sunglasses was interesting- the frames are all able to fit corrective lenses, they're favoured and endorsed by Boris Becker and some designs even encompass Swarovski Crystals! I really want the Boris Becker aviators (above) as well as an iconic Wimbledon towel and the specially made Links of London strawberry sweetie bracelet.

So if anybody is going to be watching tennis at Wimbledon this year I suggest you come to the Court 1 shop -the biggest one might I add- and pick up some goodies before they run out, because they almost always do! I'm looking out for what lovely outfit Roger Federer will be wearing this year, and I'll update about how it all went soon.

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